Roots of the Environmental Crisis - BIOL 207

This class, a Core requirement for Goshen College students, is intended to explore some of the “big picture” forces and events that have contributed to many of the world’s mounting ecological issues.  (read more about the course and project)
Students will be challenged to appreciate the complexity of these issues and consider what it means to be "sustainable".  As they study the broad array of ideas embedded in these issues, they will work together to begin compiling a "common language" relevant to our community.  (read more about a common language)
One attempt to illustrate relationships between the many ideas connected to sustainability is the framework from [[Reliable Prosperity]] seen below.  Our hope is that this class project will help to more fully flesh out a framework like this for the Goshen region by profiling a variety of groups working in related areas. 
This pool includes groups that might more traditionally be described as businesses, social justice organizations and environmental conservation groups. But we hope looking at their individual and joint work with a focus on ideas will draw out the relationships that do or could exist between these groups, thus making the network that ties them less hierarchical (tied together through the three E’s and sustainability) and more like a living and dynamic ecosystem.

click on the image below to visit the Reliable Prosperity website


Community Sustainability Partners: Core Concept Map

(click on a concept to explore)