Building a Lexicon

In order to make the work students invest in this project as effective as possible, we will need to work at using and carefully defining the words that we use to describe the core concepts and related topics associated with local initiatives. A huge number of possible terms are out there, but the key in any term that students choose will be to attach clear definitions and supporting materials to any idea that a group identifies as central to their work. Check out this short video from the Lexicon of Sustainability for more testimony as to the value of precise language:


Other sources that we recommend for finding good terminology and definitions include:

One outcome of this project will be a series of interconnected "frames" of ideas with related topics visually arranged around the three E's.  The purpose of these frames will be to make it easier to identify and explore the ideas in a relational way.  They will also provide a unique framework for organizing and asccessing related content. 

Community Sustainability Partners: Core Concept Map

(click on a concept to explore)