La Casa


LaCasa works in partnership with individuals and community partners to create opportunity for personal growth, family stability and neighborhood improvement.

Values statement

We value and seek to expand our historical partnership with area churches. We also seek partnerships with religious institutions of all faiths, local government, financial institutions, businesses, service clubs, and individuals committed to responding to the social and economic needs in our community. 

Asset Building
We believe that community development requires the equitable creation of assets for individuals and neighborhoods. As such, we enable asset building through education, personal renewal, and economic opportunity. 

Community and Its Development
We value the social and cultural diversity of neighborhoods. Accordingly, we promote a greater understanding of this diversity in communities. 

We believe that we must address the systems that create assets and opportunities within our community. Therefore, we advocate on behalf of and provide opportunity for disadvantaged families in our community. 

We value our many relationships. Thus, we strive for transparency, respectful and equitable interactions with all program participants, donors, business and community partners, and employees. 

We believe that growth requires changing in response to our environment. Therefore, we strive to maintain close contact with and listen to our partner neighborhoods and communities in order to improve the quality of services we provide. 

We believe that the family is society’s basic building block and that investment in families now will create opportunities that sustain them in the future. Because of this, we address social and economic problems and opportunities as they affect the family.

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