Reliable Prosperity

Reliable Prosperity, a project of EcoTrust, is a visual and conceptual framework of elements related to economic, social and environmental well-being.

It is built on a broad inquiry:

"When the health of ecosystems and communities is not integrated into economic activities, all three suffer. In turn, economic dependence on destructive activities creates apparent conflicts between work, nature, and community. How can we create an economy that effectively meets human needs while regenerating natural systems? An economy which grows organically — and fills new niches — by working with nature and enriching human capacities?"
For the purpose of the Roots of the Environmnetal Crisis course, we are using it as a lens to help exploring various community organizations, projects, and resources as an "ecosystem".
The pattern map below offers a portal into concepts, stories, and resources embedded in Reliable Prosperity for the Pacific Northwest (click to enter):