access to knowledge

Reliable prosperity depends on the Access to knowledge of its citizens. 

Access to knowledge can be imporoved by encouraging Ecological literacy. This creates opportunities for new products and services by facilitating greater understanding of local ecosystems and broader living processes. It celebrates and nurtures knowledge of place as a critical resource for sound stewardship. It encourages a base of shared knowledge that is widely distributed among the inhabitants of a bioregion, and emphasizes community access to data of local relevance. For these reasons, Access to Knowledge is a critical supporting element of local economies. It is the irreplaceable intellectual capital that pervades reliable prosperity from the smallest village to the largest city, providing both new economic opportunities and renewed ties to place and biosphere.

At all educational levels, provide a fully-integrated ecological literacy curriculum which grounds students in the science of living systems and the practical skills necessary to create reliable prosperity. Place particular emphasis on local and bioregional topics, and carefully connect educational institutions with their surrounding communities. Ensure that access to knowledge is universal, and available to all ages.


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Maple City Market

Maple City Market believes in the importance of education for their patrons. The friendly and approachable staff can often be overheard discussing favorite products with customers. MCM believes in being active in spreading knowledge outside of the store as well.


In the Fall of 2013 they partnered with other Goshen establishments (The Goshen Farmer's Market and The Window) for Share the Bounty Week. This was a week chockful of events for area residents to learn about food sustainability. It featured open dialogues, documentary showings, and a Harvest Celebration. 

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