child and youth protection

Child and youth protection refers to society's responsibility to protect children and youth from threats, be it physical abuse or lack of access to basic needs such as food, and to protect the rights of children to be free from harm.

The goal of the Child and Youth Protection is to protect children and vulnerable individuals from sexual abuse and provide a safe environment.

Child and youth protection services can include:

Information, resources and referrals for outpatient counseling, and related psychiatric services for clergy sexual abuse victims, adult survivors, child victims and their family members who have been affected by sexual abuse

Compassionate, supportive counseling

Assistance to families seeking spiritual guidance

Assistance eliminating barriers to treatment, such as transportation and child care

Safe Environment compliance audits 

Age appropriate safety programs for children and youth

Much of the above information comes from the Office for Child and Youth Protection, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta, and  

One way that the Girls and Boys Club of Goshen offers protection for children and youth in the Goshen area, is providing a safe space.  Young people are able to stay at the club from all afternoon and evening if they need to, and they know that they will be looked out for, cared for, and valued.  The Goshen Club chooses to have an open door policy, meaning kids can walk in and out when they choose.  This makes it the child's choice of where they wish to be, and the fact athat the club has about 400 students a day is a clear statement of the safe space that the Girls and Boys Club of Goshen provides.