diverse opportunities

There are a wide range of ways to help out at the farm. Like an ecosystem, it takes a diverse group of tasks and abilities for the farm to thrive. Taking part in helping through many different ways can increase an individuals skills as well. Even if you are visiting to simply learn by looking at exhibits, there are ways to take part in hands-on activities. 


Exhibits in the Learning Center 

The nature center in the Learning Center contains hands-on displays of animal skeletons, firs, birds, rocks, and other natural items.  In the summer, you may see butterflies and the occasional hummingbird in the garden outside the east windows.  In the winter, many songbirds come to this same area to eat from the various bird feeders.  Binoculars are available for indoor viewing.

The nature center is generally open weekdays from 8:30 to 4:30; however, visitors are advised to call the office to confirm hours (260-799-5869).


Merry Lea has eight miles of hiking trails that are open every day of the year from dawn to dusk at no charge.  The trails pass through a variety of ecosystems and provide opportunities to explore the ecological features of the land.

Trail maps are available at trailhead boxes located at the Farmstead and at the Learning Center building.  See the site map for trailhead locations.  

Seasonal highlights for hiking Merry Lea’s trails