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Giving People in Goshen a Place to Recycle.

People are good at coming up with excuses to recycle. Here are some of these excuses.

5 Reasons Why People Do Not Recycle

1. “Recycling is inconvenient.”
This seems to be the number one reason why people don’t recycle – they don’t want to put in the extra effort. Some places have no pick-up. Some people say that they just can’t be bothered. Is that a good enough reason?

2. “I do not have enough space in my home to recycle.”
The lack of space is an issue for many. People don’t want to see garbage and with little storage space for recycling bins, the trash is an eyesore. Is that a good enough reason?

3. “If they paid me, I’d recycle.”
Some countries fine people for not recycling. Some regions pay for just bottle recycling (we know that works). Some areas have no penalties or incentives for recycling. Is that a good enough reason?

4. “Recycling doesn’t make a difference. So why do it?”
Misinformation about overflowing landfills, depleted resources and climate change has convinced some people that recycling doesn’t make a difference. They believe there is no problem. Is that a good enough reason?

5. “It is just too hard to do.”
Since there are so many facets to recycling – bottle, plastic, and paper, it’s hard to decipher which kinds go where. Is that a good enough reason?

Polykarmic makes it easy to recycle because they accept such a wide variety of materials.

The idea of PolyKarmic 2.0 is to help local businesses to reduce expense on instrial waste disposal and also create new products by using industrial waste. It's a win-win situation for both PolyKarmic 2.0 and local businesses. It doesn't have to be local businesses as long as business are located in Goshen; for example, CVS just joined PolyKarmic family.