juvenile justice

Juvenile justice refers to the treatment and rights of children, who are deemed too young to be held responsible for criminal acts, within the legal and criminal justice system. 


The juvenile justice system serves as an alternative to the adult justice system, where young people would recieve harsher sentances for the same crimes.  Many times, it is ultimately up to the judge of a specific court case to decide whether or not a young person should be tried within the juvenile justice system.  

The Boys and Girls Club of Goshen works alongside the Elkhart County Court Systems.  Sometimes, young people who have committed crimes will be sentances to spening time at the Club.  This is because the Club is considered to be such a safe, constructive place.  The number of kids at the Club who are there because of sentancing ebs and flows, and many times, the students who were at one time forced to spend time at the Club return and become club members.