Sharing can refer to any number of ideas, but always focuses on cooperation.

Sharing can refer to sharing resources. Sharing resources of knowledge and time can help create sustainable communities. Sustainable communities seek community development that enhances the local environment and quality of life as well as developing a local economy that supports both thriving human and ecological systems. Sustainable communities use natural resources to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate natural resources are available for future generations.

The sharing of money is often important, as well. Money is a resource that can easily be donated to others in need. Communities and individuals in need usually have a lack of funds to get by.

In faith-based communities, the sharing of gifts is often ackowledged. Many individuals share their talents of music, art, construction, health care, and more, to serve their churches and others in the world. This sharing of gifts often fulfills the giver as well as the receiver.

One local organization that promotes sharing is Everence. Everence is a finanacial group that encourages and gives their clients opportunities to give back and share their financial gifts. These gifts mainly occur through their community development investments and their stewardship invesments. Through these investments, not only can clients seen returns, but they can also support communities, churches, the less fortunate, worthy businesses, and more while doing so.