sustainable maintenance methods

There are many maintenance programs that are in place in urban environments around the country that work in efficiency and cost reduction of urban tree ecosystem. The follwoing was taken from the City of Torrance in California. I believe that Goshen City can review various cities' programs for tree maintenance and take components of those that fit our setting here. Information from City of Torrance website.



This section maintains approximately 40,000 City trees along with 139 landscaped medians and parkways. The City is divided into three areas: north, central, and south.

The City of Torrance trims and maintains trees using ISA Standards.  The International Society of Arboriculture is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting appreciation for trees and professional care for trees.  The City of Torrance's Streetscape Supervisors and several leadmen are Certified Arborists through ISA


The City's tree policy allows property owners to have the City tree adjacent to their property trimmed or removed by a private contractor through the permit process.  There is no charge for the City permit; however, property owners are responsible for contacting the tree contractor, and for all costs associated with the work.  Tree maintenance procedures are designed to protect the health and aesthetic value of street trees. Maintenance practices detrimental to trees, such as topping and over pruning, are not condoned by the City, and residents should not expect a City-approved private tree service to perform these tasks. 

Please be aware that work done under this permit must be performed by a licensed City-approved tree service.  A list of approved contractors will be mailed to you when the permit is requested or click here for the list. 

Also be aware that there are certain areas in Torrance where the trees are exempt from this permit process.  Please refer to the section on Street Trees Special Designated Areas.

Applications for trim and removal permits may be obtained at the Public Works Department, the City Clerk's Office, or by calling the Streetscape Division at 1-310-781-6900. Mail or deliver the the application for Trim Permits to the Public Works Department.  Applications for Removal Permits must be mailed or delivered to the City Treasure's Office along with a check for $250.00 per tree to be removed.  Permits will be issued upon verification of property ownership.

The Removal Permit requires a deposit of $250.00 per tree, which is refunded to the property owner when the replacement tree(s) have been inspected and approved.


The City would consider removing City trees under certain circumstances:

  • Rotting of interior or roots/disease/insect infestation    
  • Curb/sidewalk/street repairs (based on individual assessments by an inspector)
  • Structural damage (must be determined that damage was caused by a City tree)

The City does not remove City trees for sewer damage, concrete damage, or views.