The Merry Lea Sustainable Farm relies on volunteers to keep up with research, work projects, managing the garden and working behind the scenes. 


Volunteer At Merry Lea

Each year we host around 7000 students from area schools who come to Merry Lea on field trips to explore our wetlands, forests, meadows and other areas.  We rely on volunteers to help with the teaching for these programs.  We have established curricula that include many fun hands-on activities for the students so the programs are fun to teach and easy to learn.  Most of our volunteers help one to two mornings a week although the amount of time you would like to help is completely up to you. 

Volunteers also help behind the scenes helping with a wide variety of work projects, helping with research, managing our gardens, and much more.

Volunteer Opportunities 
See descriptions of many of the opportunities for volunteering at Merry Lea.

Volunteer News
See what our volunteers have been doing as well as news on upcoming events for volunteers.

Volunteer Forms

Download volunteer forms to send to Merry Lea. 

If you are interested in volunteering at Merry Lea, please contact us at merrylea@goshen.edu or call (260) 799-5869.