youth leadership

Youth leadership refers to fostering the ability to lead in youth to empower them to fully participate in society. Youth leadership training is the practice of teaching, imparting knowledge, and providing instruction in leadership skills to youth in the community, to empower them to organize and lead community activities. 

Developing successful youth leaders requires being intentional about fostering productive, structured youth-adult partnerships in  programs, trainings, and operations.

Youth leadership development also emphasizes a developmental approach, with young leaders being recognized as important resources and partners, supported to take on significant roles as leaders within schools, organizations, communities, etc. This approach values creating opportunities for youth to learn leadership skills without having to be perfect leaders (after all, name a perfect adult leader!). 

Much of the information above comes from the Youth Leadership, and

Young people at the Girls and Boys Club of Goshen are frequently given the opportunity to step up and be leaders within the Club.  One example of this leadership opportunity are the 3 high school students who hold part-time jobs at the Club.  These students are club members who work 10 to 20 hours a week at the club.  This job opportunity gives them a chance to hold positions of leadership within the Girls and Boys Club Community.